Dichroic Pendants, Earrings, Rings & Wine Charms


Mama Jewels uses Dichroic glass, one of the hottest materials being used today, to create versatile pieces of wearable art. Each piece is handcrafted making all Mama Jewels creations stunningly fresh with no two alike. Mama Jewels sets out to provide a broad palette of one-of-a-kind fused glass jewelry and assorted glass treasures which include the Madison Collection, a whimsical offering of cleverly designed glass pendants co-created with her daughter. All Mama Jewels pieces can be easily woven-in to any wardrobe or style for impact and intrigue. Mama Jewels creates unique dichroic glass pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, wine charms, wine stoppers and key chains.

Mama Jewels has been featured in US Weekly and is a favorite of swag bag recipients including the GRAMMY® Foundation MusiCares® events, the Miss USA pageant 2008 and more. 

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